Some of the finest big band musicians from Gloucestershire, The Midlands and The South West !

Live music at its best !

Matthew Morris

Andrew Loveridge

Matt. Budrey

Diane Atkinson

Dom Franks

Simon Day


Musical Director 

Tony Sheppard




Rhythm Section

Kevin Harcourt

Chris O’Riordan

Lindley Horton

James Wycherley

Ben Gaskin


Vince Ford

Nick Attwood

Caz Chandler

Omar Khokher


Martin Emeny (Drums)

Paul Newman  (Guitar)

Peter Martin  (Bass)

James Fry (Keyboards)

Tenor Saxophone PictureTrumpet playing picture
Trombonist playingKeyboard Player

Vocals by 

Simon Cromey

Diane Atkinson,

Tony Sheppard

And Guest Artists


Bob Lee

Crescendo Big Band 



Text Box: Diane Atkinson 
Baritone Sax and vocals 
Catherine Sykes Vocals

Catherine Sykes,  Guest Vocalist

Kevin Harcourt T

Chris O’Riordan

The Crescendo Band Trombone Section

CAZ  Chandler

Jim Wycherly

Andy Loveridge

Matthew Morris

Paul Buck Keyboards and Piano

Paul Buck . Keyboards

Paul Buck  (Keyboards

John Stillman(Keyboards)

James Agg  (Keyboards/Bass)


Jim Wycherly Trumpet

Martin Emeny  Drums

Trombone Section Crescendo Big BandSimon Cromey VocalsDiane Atkinson VocalsCaz Chandler TromboneMatthew Morris Saxophone

Simon Cromey


Rhythm Section Kevin Harcourt TrumpetOmar Kohker TromboneTony Sheppard Musical Director Bob Lee Presenter Crescendom Big BandSaxophones Crescendo Big BandTrumpet Section Crescendo

Nick Attwood  and Vince Ford